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Why I attended SPTechCon Austin 2019

Greetings! The week before last was SPTechCon Austin 2019. I've been attending these SharePoint Conferences since 2010. It's always an enlighten experience and I've met so many great people through the years. I highly recommend this conference! The next one is this August in Boston. Read all about SPTechCon Boston 2019. Register early for a great price.

A few of my favorite things about @SPTechCon:

  • The location is always nice for a few days to "get away"

  • There are so many sessions to choose from; they range from Information Worker to Developer and all the Administration things in-between

  • The sessions are evenly spaced throughout the day so one doesn’t get too much "brain overload" (even though you will have brain overload...)

  • You never go hungry (or thirsty)!

  • The session speakers are AWESOME and are always ready to help answer a question. For example, I needed to find more information on SharePoint 2019 on premises and with the help of @thatmattwade, @vladcatrinescu, @eshupps, @RobBogue, @sideere and @asifrehmani, I was able to gather information enough to get my journey started on creating my own SharePoint 2019 on premises test environment (detailed blogs on that journey to come!).

  • My favorite; the "Hands-on" Full Day Session. If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of these; Just. Do. It. You will not be disappointed. The speakers are so helpful and really funny and make a "Hands-on" all-day session a great learning experience and teach techniques you will likely apply at your job quickly. The session consists of four to five projects; teams are assigned to each project as well as a speaker(s). At the end of the day; each team presents their suggested solution. In my opinion; this is a great way to share your ideas and learn new ones from your class mates and from the experts!

See below for a list of speakers that have a plethora of SharePoint knowledge to share (there are many not listed here but this is a good place to start).

The ROCK STAR Subject Matter Experts (SME) List of the 'Hands-on" session I attended:

The ROCK STAR List of Excellent Speakers who specialize in all things SharePoint and Office 365 (in addition to those above)

A list of SharePoint Conferences in 2019 can be found at

I hope you get the chance to attend SPTechCon, North American Collaboration Summit or any SharePoint Conference at some point in your SharePoint/O365 career; you really won't be disappointed!

Until next time: Have Courage and be Kind. =)

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